ISP Offers Affordable Ultrahigh-Speed Bandwidth

Cogent Communications is a next- generation optical ISP that delivers low-cost ultrahigh-speed bandwidth to universities, allowing them to extend their IT budgets and better serve their students by connecting to the company's affordable 100-megabit and 1,000-megabit Internet service. Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania and Tufts University are among the institutions that have benefited from Cogent's service.

With the emergence of peer-to-peer networking and other bandwidth-intensive applications used by students and faculty, university IT managers have had to balance the demand for an ample supply of bandwidth for tens of thousands of users with tight budgets. Cogent can replace existing T-1 or T-3 lines served by legacy Telco voice networks, thereby eliminating the bandwidth and budget headaches of the university IT managers and CIOs. Built specifically for IP data, the company says it avoids the high costs associated with a SONET-protected voice infrastructure, enabling it to offer colleges and commercial end-user customers the lowest price per non-oversubscribed megabit in the country, starting at 100 Mbps for $1,000 a month. Cogent Communications, Washington, D.C., (877) 926-4368,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.