Palm Certifies K12 Handhelds for Training

With expertise in Palm OS and years of personal experience as K-12 educators and administrators, K12 Handhelds' staff specializes in the application of Palm handheld computers for educational administration, teaching and learning. And now, K12 Handhelds is certified as a Palm Education Training Provider.

The company says its professional development workshops provide participants with a high-quality learning experience, specially designed to meet the needs of administrators and teachers using Palm handhelds. To date, the company says it's trained more than 500 administrators and teachers nationwide on the use of handhelds. K12 Handhelds expects this relationship to expand the number of administrators and teachers trained across the country, both in the basics of using handhelds, as well as in more advanced application use and integration of the technology into instruction. K12 Handhelds, Long Beach, CA, (800) 679-2226,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.