Security Tools... Clean Slate v2.0

Fortres Grand's Clean Slate v2.0 for Windows XP is a complete Windows security system for PCs that are at risk for tampering. It's designed to protect computers from malicious or inexperienced users without restricting users' activities. Upon logoff or reboot, Clean Slate restores the drives back to their original configuration by simply erasing changes that had been stored in a temporary file.

Clean Slate comes with a scheduling feature that lets administrators decide when to disable the security for system maintenance. It also has the ability to redirect admininistrative threads for Windows NT/2000, and customize security based on the user or group. The software allows security to enable/disable in real time and automatically reboots if the computer is left idle. Administrators can use passwords to specify individual drives or directories that are not to be covered by Clean Slate, allowing persistent changes in some areas on the disk. In addition, administrators can view all changes made and specify which should be permanent. Fortres Grand, Plymouth, IN, (800) 331-0372,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.