Digital Imaging Software: SkunkLabs Software

SkunkLabs' Liquid Media v2.0 is a presentation tool that delivers smooth graphics and images with real-time effects. It supports most image, movie, 3-D and sound formats. The plug-in-based program is able to run presentations automatically without the use of a player or editor, and can also create auto-run CDs. The program features real-time rotation of all graphic elements and text. Users can also create arcade games, as well as generate reports and timelines. Liquid Media outputs to Apple's QuickTime movie format and to Web slides. It can also import Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. A large library of special effects ensure entertaining presentations. The new version also features the Nitro 3-D Graphics Engine. SkunkLabs Software, Glendale, WI, (888) 446-7898,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.