Digital Duplication - Brother International

The new Brother P-Touch PT-2600 electronic labeling system offers a quick, convenient way to print both Brother P-Touch laminated labels and Avery die-cut address labels by switching between easy-to-load label cassettes. The P-Touch laminated labels are resistant to scratching, fading, chemicals, dust, moisture and other environmental conditions, and are available in dozens of colors and tape widths. In addition, this unique labeling system can print a single Avery address label, return address label or file folder label by simply inserting one of the new cassettes that contain a roll of die-cut labels. The PT-2600 is perfect for organizing the office, and for all one-at-a-time labeling needs, such as addressing individual letters or packages. It operates as either a portable stand-alone labeler or it can be connected to a PC or Mac via USB for even greater label design versatility. When connected to a computer, it can import graphics, logos and even information from database files. It also makes producing bar codes quick and convenient.

Designed for wide functionality, as well as for ease of use, the PT-2600 has a large, typewriter-style keyboard, and a two-line 10 character LCD display for previewing and editing data. This electronic labeling system features a wide selection of formatting options; prints in eight fonts, 10 styles and eight different sizes (all TrueType fonts usable in PC mode); and can produce labels in mirror image, as well as vertical and horizontal layouts. In addition, an automatic tape cutter offers added convenience, especially when printing multiple laminated labels. Brother International Corp., (800) 276-7746,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/2003 issue of THE Journal.