SUNRISE Introduces Virtual Reality Education Software

SUNRISE Virtual Reality Inc. has developed a new generation of virtual reality education software in which users wear a visor and glove to simulate an environment that looks and feels like the real world. The company offers programs in subjects such as social studies, science, math, reading, fine arts and cognitive skills; with new titles being offered monthly. In the chemistry program, students can "touch" a periodic table and interact with molecules. In the history program, students can fly over the Amazon jungle or travel back in time to visit ancient Egypt. Virtual reality combines the power of a computer, the information of an encyclopedia, the imagery of a movie and aspects of real life into one learning experience.

The software is designed in cooperation with teachers to be easily integrated into lesson plans. Aligned to state and national standards, the programs also can be used to complement existing lessons. A classroom only needs a computer, the visor and glove to get started with virtual reality. The company’s philosophy is that every child and worker should be given innovative learning tools to understand and discover the world. SUNRISE especially supports the underserved elementary communities of Chicago. For more information, visit

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/2003 issue of THE Journal.