Axonix Super View

Axonix Corp. has launched a new SuperView video server appliance (starting at $3,595 for the desktop version and $3,995 for the rack-mount model), which is the size of a VCR and plugs into any Internet-ready network jack. By loading videotapes and DVDs into the SuperView, anyone with Internet access can use a standard Web browser to call up a video show or lecture to watch at any time, anywhere. This convenient server can hold hundreds of full-screen, full-motion videos and deliver them on demand to hundreds of users simultaneously with the video quality of VHS or DVD. The SuperView is the world's first totally integrated video server appliance that records, stores and delivers hundreds of high-quality videos on any Internet-accessible network on demand. This system is well suited for schools and libraries that need to share videos for education and training. Axonix Corp., (800) 866-9797,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2003 issue of THE Journal.