ClassPad 300

Casio Inc.'s ClassPad 300 is a new math education tool for high school students. It comes packed with a collection of applications that support self-study, including 3-D Graph, Geometry and eActivity. The ClassPad has a 160 x 240-dot LCD touch-screen that enables easy and intuitive stylus-based operations. The unit allows the user to input and display expressions as they appear in a textbook, and mathematical operations can be performed easily while viewing the results on its LCD screen. The ClassPad also has versatile graphing tools for 3-D graphing and drawing of geometric figures. In addition, a "Presentation" application lets teachers capture screen shots that help improve student understanding of the materials. The unit is scheduled to go on sale by midyear, with prices starting at $249.95. Casio Inc., (973) 361-5400,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2003 issue of THE Journal.