Interactive Skeleton

Tool Factory's Interactive Skeleton lets students navigate a complete 3-D musculoskeletal system. Designed for high school through medical school-level students, the program features hundreds of study and clinical notes, as well as professor's tips to accompany each bone and muscle image. To learn about a specific bone, the user selects it from the main skeleton body. Then, a close-up view of the bone is shown with information such as a description of its location, function and common injuries.

The program also offers sound clips, dissection images and radiographs. A useful tool for the anatomy student is the customizable random quiz, which tests the user at three difficulty levels, and can cover the entire skeleton or be targeted to a specific region of the body. A Spanish edition of the program is also available. Tool Factory Inc., (800) 220-8286,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2003 issue of THE Journal.