VEIL, MOBIlearn Work to Establish 'M-Learning' Architecture

VEIL Interactive Technologies (, a provider of content-driven digital solutions for interactive television, has joined with the MOBIlearn Consortium ( to explore new ways to use mobile environments to meet learners' needs. The Consortium's MOBIlearn Project will establish a new "m-learning" architecture and will support the creation, brokerage, delivery and tracking of learning and information contents using ambient intelligence, location-dependence, personalization, multimedia, instant messaging and distributed databases.

VEIL's interactive TV platform incorporates the company's data transmission technology into handheld devices such as PDAs, laptops and mobile phones, converting them into iTV-readied devices that receive data from VEIL-encoded video. VEIL enhancement offers the ability to interact with encoded television content anywhere that the video signal can be seen. This means that if institutions offer distance learning classes, students can receive notes, take tests or interact with the instructor without requiring additional hardware or hard-wired devices. In addition, the optical VEIL platform is capable of delivering text-based data at speeds entirely compatible with display technologies on handheld devices. "Users can experience interactivity both in classrooms and in distance learning situations that allow for a greater, active involvement on the part of the student," says Martha Karlovic, director of Global Integration for VEIL Interactive Technologies.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2003 issue of THE Journal.