Centurion Releases DriveShield for Mac OS X

Centurion Technologies (www.centuriontech.com) has released a Mac OS X version of DriveShield, a software-based data and drive protection program. Previously available only for Windows XP systems, the Mac version is bringing added protection and security to organizations nationwide. The DriveShield security system allows for stable and consistent computer configurations, while protecting units from unwanted user changes such as Internet downloads, software installations and setting modifications. This makes DriveShield a great choice for school and library computer labs, where computers are utilized by many users each day, because with a simple reboot, DriveShield restores the original settings employed by the system administrator. DriveShield is also invisible to the user and will not slow down machines or networks. Thus, DriveShield gives users greater freedom, while also protecting administrators from harmful changes to the system since only the system administrator can authorize permanent changes. For more information, visit www.driveshield.com.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2003 issue of THE Journal.