Academy of Reading SpanishTutor

AutoSkill International (800-AUTOSKILL,, creators of literacy intervention software, has released the Academy of Reading SpanishTutor, a multimedia instructional module to help struggling Spanish-speaking students learn to read English. The add-on help system was developed in response to demand from teachers who serve a growing population of struggling readers from Spanish-speaking homes. Designed for use by Hispanic students enrolled in the Academy of Reading, and employing neutral enunciation and a generic accent, the new module delivers instructions and assistance in Spanish, enabling Hispanic students to improve their performance on reading exercises and make faster progress toward reading proficiencies required by NCLB. The Academy of Reading SpanishTutor is ideal for computer labs with a mix of English- and Spanish-speaking students, because the program administrator simply uses a drop-down menu to assign a native language preference for each student. And once the assignment is made, students can do their exercises at any workstation in the lab.

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2004 issue of THE Journal.