MathFacts in a Flash

MathFacts in a Flash is a software program that addresses assessment and instruction with more than 40 levels of different math skills. The program first quizzes students with a timed test to determine their skill level. It then gives them practice problems that concentrate on the areas where they performed poorly. To achieve mastery, students complete 40-item timed tests until their scores and finish times reach the mastery time range. The program accelerates students to higher levels once mastery has been achieved. It also creates detailed reports so that teachers and administrators can see their students' progress. MathFacts in a Flash is part of the Math Renaissance system, which combines student coaching, professional development and assessment for math instruction. For a free Math Renaissance information kit, call (866) 492-6284, reference #1086. Renaissance Learning, (866) 492-6284,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2004 issue of THE Journal.