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Adobe Digital Kids Club

Adobe Digital Kids Club

The online Adobe Digital Kids Club delivers a great opportunity for teachers to connect with students through the fun and excitement of digital photography. The Web site provides free expert advice from top photographers, product training, lessons and other resources - all helping teachers to integrate digital photography and digital imaging into daily classroom activities.

Distance Learning Inc.

Interested in putting your own materials, courseware, and/or assessment online? Then take advantage of DLI's Free 30-Day Trial of ScribeStudio! You only need to create your account, and then you can begin authoring new materials, or copy existing ones and publish them online. Finally, invite your learners to join you! Visit us today: http://www.scribestudio.com/marketing/129.html.

Interactive Technologies 2004

SALT's Interactive Technologies 2004 Conference (August 18-20) brings together 90 speakers from the education, industry and government communities to present the latest information on technology-based learning and management systems. Compare notes, see case studies and learn how you can make these technologies work for your organization.

Maplesoft T.A. from Maplesoft

Maple T.A. provides a complete infrastructure for creating, administering and grading free-form, online mathematics exams and assignments. It also grades assignments with the Maple engine, the most trusted software for exploring mathematics. Maple T.A. frees schools from the cost, effort and limitations of traditional paper-and-pencil assessment.

Mitsubishi Presentation Products

Mitsubishi Presentation Products offers educators an extensive line of LCD and DLP projectors and large-format LCD monitors. The company is known for superior support programs and award-winning color reproduction. Join our Try-Before-You-Buy program and see for yourself the Mitsubishi difference at www.mitsubishi-presentations.com/journal.

This article originally appeared in the 07/01/2004 issue of THE Journal.