Discovery Educator Network to Bolster Virtual Community

The Discovery Educator NetworkDiscovery EducatorNetwork ( is a nationwidecommunity of innovativeteachers who use digital media tomake learning more powerful andengaging, and who help fellowteachers learn how to takeadvantage of digital learning.

As Discovery Educators,teachers have the opportunity toshare ideas and inspire othereducators worldwide with supportfrom a nationwide staff rooted ineducation and committed tohelping teachers harness thepower of technology and digitalmedia in the classroom. DiscoveryEducators also have the opportunityto serve on advisory boards,attend special events, participatein educational conferences andother professional developmentopportunities, as well as be activeusers of the network’s discussionboards and active members of itsonline community. At press time,there were 15 educators involvedin the program.

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.