QuickReads Technology Edition

Pearson Learning Group (www.pearsonlearning.com) has releasedthe latest version of QuickReads Technology Edition, an instructionalprogram for developing content-rich vocabulary and consistentcomprehension abilities in level 2-5 readers by using grade-level,high-frequency words and phonics/syllabic patterns that have beenmastered by students at that grade level. The latest release, Version 3(also available in a network edition), provides Spanish vocabularyhelp for ESL/ELL learners and accessibility features approved by theCenter for Applied Special Technology. QuickReads features nonfictionscience and social studies texts that help students build fluency,comprehension, and background knowledge, while the speechrecognitiontechnology helps students pronounce difficult, misread,or unknown words. The complete program, with 12 copies each ofbooks 1-3, is $344.95.

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.