Sunburst Technology’s Key Skills for Reading: Spelling and Phonics

Sunburst Technology’s Key Skills for Reading: Spellingand Phonics ( is designed to train thefundamental reading skills of first- through thirdgraders,using 15 leveled activities that develop a student’sability to decode phonics and apply that skill to spellingwords correctly. The program’s Teacher ManagementTool allows instructors to target, assess, and remediate theexact skills a student needs, as well as create a variety ofreports that can be shared with students, parents, orspecialists to track progress, goals, and accomplishments.Spelling and Phonics comes with the company’s Schoolto-Home license so teachers can use the software athome. It can be purchased as a network version for $699.95, in labpacks of 10 for $159.95, or as a single edition for $59.95.

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.