Interactive Books to Help Districts Reduce Injury-Related Costs


In an effort to educate facultymembers about how they canreduce injury-related costs,QBInternational ( hascreated two interactive, onlinegame-based learning QBooksfor two California schooldistricts. The San Francisco USDQBooks will cover studentsafety, insurance, and riskmanagementissues associatedwith school field trips, while SanDiego City Schools’ specialeducationteachers will use theirQBooks to help reduce backinjuries in the classroom.Designed around a “learn-byplay”methodology, QBooks letusers learn at their own pace bycombining the look and feel ofan actual book with the interactivityof a Web page. Each QBookis also supported by a variety ofQGames, which are onlinelearning activities designed tomaximize retention and understandingof QBook content.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.