NetOp School v4.0

NetOp School v4.0 Now teachers can monitor students’ computer activity with NetOp School v4.0is an updated version of CrossTec Corp.’s( classroom management program,which lets teachers in school labs, networked classrooms, andvirtual classrooms monitor and control their students’ computeractivity to keep them focused andon-task. A major component ofthis latest release is its built-instudent response system, whichallows teachers to produce andadminister tests and surveys over anetwork connection in a variety ofIMS-compliant question types.Additional configurations enableteachers to set time limits on questions,get real-time reporting, andadminister auto-scoring forimmediate test results, as well asprovide question resources likeexternal Web links or files. Pricefor a 10-student package is $875.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.