Peerless Industries Inc.( an entire family of flat-paneldisplay mounts, including therecently released SmartMountUniversal Aluminum Pivot andArticulating Wallmounts. Designedto fit screens ranging in size from 10-to 37-inches, the SmartMount models are made of aircraft-gradealuminum for sturdiness, and come standard with socket-pin securityfasteners that allow users to quickly tighten two screwsthat secure the screen to the wall plate, preventingaccidents or theft. Both the Pivot and Articulatingmounts have +15/-5 degrees of tilt, with thePivot mounts able to sit flat against a wall orfold out up to six inches, while the Articulatingmodels have up to 180 degrees of swivelmovement. Prices for the different modelsrange from $109-$239.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.