Letter From The Publisher


From The Publisher

To our readers,

In our June issue, I wrote about how T.H.E. Journal had found a new home as a part of the 101communications publishing family.We were excited at the opportunities then, and after a number of months working together with the incredibly capable and talented people at 101communications, we are even more excited about the future, and about our ability to serve our readers in print and on the Web.

This letter is to announce another change that we feel is positive for everyone:Beginning with the November issue, T.H.E. Journal will direct all of its editorial content toward the K-12 audience.The rationale for this change is simple: in Campus Technology, 101communications already has outstanding print and online properties focused on technology in higher education. So, with our new targeted focus, T.H.E. Journal can now provide more in-depth and expanded coverage of issues related to K-12 technology and education.

Headed by Kathy Grayson (editor-in-chief over both publication franchises) and Geoff Fletcher (editor-at-large for both publications), the editorial side of 101’s Educational Technology team is committed to creating information and knowledge bridges between K-12 and higher education. In fact, the staffs of both publication franchises have worked together to gather information from our editorial boards and from our readers to develop editorial calendars for both magazines (the calendars are accessible from the respective publications’ Web sites). In the Campus Technology calendar, you will see story slots specific to higher education, such as “Research Technologies: High-Performance Computing, Collaboration Tools, and Advanced Networking” and“Building Revenue With Auxiliary Services.” In T.H.E. Journal, you will see topics specific to K-12, such as 1-to-1 computing, formative assessment, and data use and school reform. In addition, you will see vital topics like data-driven decision-making, mobile computing, and security on the editorial calendars of both T.H.E. Journal and Campus Technology. In these cases, while the topics are the same, the content will use examples from educational institutions of the respective levels.

If you are an information technology professional working in higher education, we encourage you to sign up for a free subscription to Campus Technology at 101offer.com/camthe. This will be the last print issue of T.H.E. Journal that you will receive; of course, you can still visit www.thejournal.com to access T.H.E. Journal at any time.

I hope you will appreciate the power of two outstanding sister publications focused on technology in education. This will allow us to deliver more in-depth and focused content in each publication on a specific level of education, while being managed by a core senior editorial team committed to providing the best possible information.We are confident that the synchronicity across the publications and their online properties will bring you, our reader, a richer, more dimensional set of information resources.

Wendy LaDuke

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.