Welcome to Your New T.H.E.—Keep the Best, Improve the Rest!


Each month, here’s what you’ll be finding inside your number one K-12 technology resource.

IF THE MAGAZINE LOOKS a little bit different this month, it’s because the folks at T.H.E. Journal have been working hard to bring you a fresh look and newly expanded coverage—something that’s been in the works for a number of months now, and an effort that will surely continue to evolve over the coming months as well.

But importantly, T.H.E. is now focused exclusively on the K-12 market, as our sister publication, Campus Technology, devotes its coverage to higher education technology. This means that each issue of T.H.E. can now dedicate more pages and more in-depth reporting to the information readers are looking for: true drill-down information that will help you take learning and educational operations to new heights; information that can dramatically improve the way you doyour job.

Normally, I will be using this “editorial” space to comment on timely topics —commentary based on items of K-12 technology-related news, or even issues I have come across during our coverage processes each month or as I have discussions with readers and industry members at conferences, expos, and the like. But for this issue, I’d like to take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about what you’ll be seeing in our pages in the months to come.

First, you will notice a number of new column focuses in this issue: Policy & Advocacy, Hardware, Software, even Kids on Technology. This issue’s sampling of columns represents only a fraction of the focus lineup we have in store for you, over the editorial calendar year. Other regular columns you will be reading are: Networking, Smart Classroom, Mobile Computing/Wireless, Security, Professional Development, the Net, eLearning, Technology Funding, and Tech Support. In addition, we will be launching the brand-new Mac Educator—a long-awaited focus on the issues and challenges that confront Mac-using educators and their students.

Feature coverage, as always, will be the place where you’ll find the most dimensional coverage and reporting possible— stories that step right inside the classroom and the district and let you, the reader, “visit” with your peers who are grappling with the same issues you face every day. In these feature focuses, we will bring you the best practices, models, and tips you’ve been looking for. Notably, our new reporting capabilities will get you closer to K-12 technology visionaries than ever before.

And speaking of visionaries, who better to report on the results of school- and districtwide technology initiatives than the students who are the recipients of your technology deployment efforts? Our Kids on Technology focus is a first, and we hope you will urge students in your own realm of learning to volunteer and write for us!

As well, don’t miss our new endpage: Wishlist/Shortlist. Here is where you’ll find your peers discussing (in a quick, at-a-glance format) the primary technology tests they currently face, and the vendor solutions they are considering. (It’s like running into a friend at an expo, and comparing notes as you“shop” the floor.)

News, product, event, and show coverage are all here for you each month, and our Industry and School Perspective pages are just waiting for your commentary, too. Of course, the product comparison charts that T.H.E. is famous for will continue; beginning with the December issue, they will enhance specific technology features.

So, read and enjoy the new T.H.E. Journal; we’re glad you’re here!

Katherine Grayson, Editor-In-Chief
What have you seen and heard? Send to: [email protected].

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.