GTCO Calcomp Inc. InterWrite PRS RF

GTCO CALCOMP INC. announces the arrival of InterWrite PRS RF, the latest radio-frequency version of its awardwinning student response system, InterWrite PRS. The new unit features a two-line LCD display that lets students see their answers and receive instant notification upon successfully transmitting them to the teacher. The 16-character display is also ideal for use with self-paced testing, since students can scroll through a series of questions and answers at their own speed. In addition to multiple-choice and true/false questions, teachers can use the system to ask advanced numeric questions with positive and negative numbers and decimal points. InterWrite PRS RF can be used in settings ranging from small classrooms to 2,000- student lecture halls. Price: $2,000;

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2006 issue of THE Journal.