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iLoupe XL by Aven

iLoupe XL by Aven

AVEN introduces the iLoupe XL, a digital handheld microscope that's ideal for use in science classes for specimen analysis, lab demonstrations, and presentations. The microscope features up to 300x magnification, a 5.1- megapixel sensor, and six LEDs with intensity control to ensure a bright, detailed, hi-res picture. The iLoupe XL lens rotates 180 degrees to bring up items from any angle on its two-inch LCD screen; magnified objects can then be captured and stored as images in JPEG format on the included SD card, allowing for sharing and editing. The device is small enough to fit in a pocket, and includes a long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Price: $549 plus shipping.


T656dne laser printer by Lexmark

T656dne by Lexmark

LEXMARK presents the T656dne laser printer, which allows large user groups to access customizable applications on its touchscreen interface. The printer's preloaded applications include an Eco-Setting function that helps reduce waste of energy, paper, and toner; a Forms and Favorites option that allows for printing of online documents without a computer; and adjustable language and background settings. Schools also have the option of adding to the T656dne Lexmark's Testing and Grading Solution, which lets educators prepare exam materials, scan and score tests, create reports, and analyze data. In addition, the printer comes equipped with 80 GB of internal storage and can handle high-volume printing at a speed of 55 pages per minute. Price: $1,999.


SchoolStream.TV by Leightronix

by Leightronix

LEIGHTRONIX has created SchoolStream.TV, an online media hosting and streaming service that allows K-12 school districts to upload, manage, and view videos on demand. The service uses PEGvault-SD digital video encoder technology to take video and audio from a live or pre-recorded source, make it compatible with SchoolStream.TV, and transfer it to the appropriate account. Each SchoolStream.TV account comes with a custom web address and up to 500 hours of video storage. Customized folders and search functions allow for easy organization of and access to content. Account managers may preview, approve, and organize uploaded videos before they're published for general viewing. Price: Accounts start at $249 per month.


This article originally appeared in the November-December 2009 issue of THE Journal.