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Minnesota Education Cooperative Adopts Videoconferencing

Mid-State Education District (MSET) of Little Falls, MN, has chosen IOCOM video conferencing software for communication among and district learning for the schools in its member districts. MSET serves as a regional education service center technology hub for 10 districts in the area.

The cooperative has said it will use IOCOM's multi-point, multi-resolution capabilities to reach its members' 500 teachers and more than 10,000 students at school and at their homes via classroom video technology, laptops and netbooks, and administrative office computers. The enhanced communication capability will allow for MSET districts to use its 150-mile fiber optic network for distance learning, teacher training and collaboration, and remote administrative meetings, which will save time and extensive travel.

"The more my colleagues and I use the software, the more impressed we are," said Charlie Diebel, MSET's chief technology officer. "We couldn't believe the mix of powerful video capabilities, device flexibility, and the ease of use. My districts clamor for it."

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