Student Data Management

SchoolNet Launches Student Information System

After two years of testing and development in partnership with more than 200 school districts, Schoolnet has released its new student information system, GradeSpeed. The system allows user districts to import, track, and report on all student data without requiring substantial training of administrators who expect to use it regularly, according to the company.

The extensive in-school testing has led to the development of a menu-driven system that offers functionality that's designed to be more easily navigable than many of its predecessors, according to users who assisted in the development.

Among the functions offered by GradeSpeed are:

  • Management and tracking of schedules, student data, and parent communications;
  • Ready-to-submit report generation to meet state and federal reporting requirements;
  • Automated and menu-driven manual school schedule design;
  • Automatic tracking and report generation for attendance, report card information, student health records, and disciplinary records;
  • Complete integration with Web-based GradeSpeed Gradebook;
  • Progress reports for parents; and
  • ParentConnection and StudentConnection, which offer real-time online access to assignments, grades, and teacher communication tools.

GradeSpeed SIS has already been implemented in Schoolnet partner district Albemarle County Public Schools of Charlottesville, VA, said superintendent Pam Moran. She remarked that the system "offers a contemporary solution to managing multiple data sources that are essential to the work of professional learning communities."

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