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Marvel Focus Desk Aims to Maximize Student Performance and Wellness

The standing desk design combines features that teachers and students desire.

A recent pilot study found that standing desks can contribute to neurocognitive improvement in executive function and working memory. Aligned with the study, one company partnered with schools to design a standing desk that helps improve student performance, engagement and physical fitness.

The Focus Desk from the Marvel Group, a Chicago-based furniture manufacturer, was designed in partnership with teachers and students at the Hyde Park Day Schools in Chicago and Northfield, IL. Marvel Group designers asked the teachers and students what they wanted to see in a “next-generation” desk. Among the list of desired features, “a top priority was to have a desk that allowed children to be in control of their movement without asking for teacher assistance or disrupting the class,” according to the company. Teachers also wanted to see folders, shelves, backpack books and wheels to easily rearrange desks when needed.

The Focus Desk can be utilized as a traditional desk (left), or easily adjusted for an upright workstation (right).

To meet these needs, the Focus Desk combines a student-adjustable lift mechanism with organized storage features, easy mobility and expandable workspace. Students can silently raise and lower the Focus Desk using the FeatherTouch lift mechanism. The entire desk rolls on casters for easy classroom rearrangement. Additionally, the desk has customized privacy panels for test-taking or quiet study.

For a video demonstration of the Marvel Focus Desk, visit the Marvel site.

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