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Edgenuity Introduces New Online Gradebook

Edgenuity, which provides digital content to school districts, has created a new teacher Gradebook designed to help teachers better monitor student engagement, progress and achievement in real time.

The new tool is expected to help teachers in blended learning classrooms keep track of students' progress by indicating immediately how they are doing with units, lessons and activities. Additionally, teachers can now view key metrics for multiple groups of students at once.

Among the features being provided by the new digital gradebook:

  • Automatic average computing — The Gradebook calculates both student and class average across all activities;
  • Color coding for progress — A color bar displays each student's course completion in relation to where it should be: green for on track, red for behind;
  • Engagement tracking — This shows students' total active time as well as the number of days since they last logged on; and
  • Traditional Gradebook View — All students in a section are listed on one page, just as would be the case with a paper-and-pencil gradebook.

The new Gradebook will be available this fall.

"Teachers spend one third of their day on administrative tasks, including grading," said Edgenuity CEO Sari Factor. "Our new Gradebook makes teachers' time more productive, empowering them by providing actionable data on student performance to tailor instructional approaches, identify which students may be in need of remediation and personalize the learning experience."

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.