PresenceLearning Introduces Live, Online Psychoeducational Assessments

Half of all special education directors say their school psychologists have trouble keeping up with the high number of psychoeducational assessments required throughout the school year, according to PresenceLearning. To solve this problem, the online clinical services provider now administers live and online psychoeducational assessments.

PresenceLearning, in partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), has introduced a new service that utilizes Woodcock-Johnson IV (WJ IV) tests to help identify a student’s strengths and areas of concern in school. Coupled with PresenceLearning’s online therapy environment, which connects students to licensed school psychologists via webcam, the WJ IV tests assist schools in conducting initial, re-evaluation and triennial assessments.

Additionally, HMH has authorized PresenceLearning as the only remote provider of WJ IV test batteries, which “provide a comprehensive assessment of reading, writing and math skills,” according to a news release.

Since 2009, the company’s network of more than 7,000 licensed behavioral and mental health professionals have administered more than 6,000 online assessments. The psychoeducational assessments are now available for the current school year.

A video explaining the psychoeducational assessments and additional information is available on the PresenceLearning site.

About the Author

Sri Ravipati is Web producer for THE Journal and Campus Technology. She can be reached at [email protected].