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Hoonuit Invites Teachers to Become Learning Ambassadors

Hoonuit, a company that provides professional development content and data analytics software, has invited teachers to apply for membership in its Learning Ambassador program. The announcement was made at the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference in San Antonio, TX.

According to the company, the purpose of the program is "to a build a community of educators who will collaborate and grow through the support and mentorship of fellow members." Interested teachers can apply for the program through an online application form, which includes questions about previous experience making presentations, topics presented and conferences where topics were presented.

Educators who are selected for the program will have the opportunity to explore and discuss topics of interest and learn about new technologies and teaching strategies. During a teacher's time as a Learning Ambassador, Hoonuit (pronounced "who-knew-it") will highlight some of their presentations, shared resources, blog posts and other contributions. The idea is to expand a professional learning network where teachers are continuously developing and sharing their knowledge.

“Collaboration is a central part of education – we want to serve as a mechanism to encourage educators from various subject areas and experience levels to apply and engage with the community around them," said Paul Hesser, CEO of Hoonuit, in a prepared statement.

Further information about the Learning Ambassador program is available at booth 3441 at ISTE. Interested teachers can complete the online application form.

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