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Resource: State Department of Education Websites for Coronavirus/COVID-19

Every state and most territories in the United States have developed websites on their departments of education or public instruction regarding how they're responding to coronavirus (COVID-19). THE Journal has compiled a list of those websites for your reference.

Alabama (AL):

Alaska (AK):

Arizona (AZ):

Arkansas (AR):

California (CA):

Colorado (CO):

Connecticut (CT):

Delaware (DE):

District of Columbia (DC):

Florida (FL):

Georgia (GA):

Hawaii (HI):

Idaho (ID):

Illinois (IL):

Indiana (IN):

Iowa (IA):

Kansas (KS):

Kentucky (KY):

Louisiana (LA):

Maine (ME):

Maryland (MD):

Massachusetts (MA):

Michigan (MI):,4615,7-140-37818_53456---,00.html

Minnesota (MN):

Mississippi (MS):

Missouri (MO):

Montana (MT):

Nebraska (NE):

Nevada (NV):

New Hampshire (NH):

New Jersey (NJ):

New Mexico (NM):

New York (NY):

North Carolina (NC):

North Dakota (ND):

Ohio (OH):

Oklahoma (OK):

Oregon (OR):

Pennsylvania (PA):

Rhode Island (RI):

South Carolina (SC):

South Dakota (SD):

Tennessee (TN):

Texas (TX):

Utah (UT):

Vermont (VT):

Virginia (VA):

Washington (WA):

West Virginia (WV):

Wisconsin (WI):

Wyoming (WY):

Inhabited Territories

American Samoa (AS): Unavailable

Guam (GU):

Northern Mariana Islands (MP): Unavailable

Puerto Rico (PR):

Virgin Islands (VI):

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