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Identity Automation, Infinite Campus Partner to Streamline Identity Management, Data Interoperability

Identity Automation and student information system provider Infinite Campus have launched a new partnership to significantly improve efficiencies in account provisioning, authentication management, rostering, and data interoperability, company officials said.

The deal means that the thousands of U.S. K–12 schools using Infinite Campus’ SIS and Identity Automation’s RapidIdentity solution now have a “standardized, repeatable way to automate IT processes” such as onboarding students, staff, and parents; enforcing role-based access control policies; provisioning accounts; establishing secure single sign-on and multi-factor authentication; and rostering all the various ed tech apps used in classrooms, Identity Automation’s Carter Dunbar told THE Journal.

“Identity Automation’s new formalized partnership with Infinite Campus is a joint commitment to open standards, interoperability, and allowing school districts to drive innovation by giving them agency over using their own data,” Dunbar said. “Previously, this was a laborious process that was unique to every individual school’s setup. Now, any school that leverages both Infinite Campus and Identity Automation’s RapidIdentity platform no longer must ask, ‘How do we access our data?’ and instead gets to ask, ‘How do we want to use our data?’”

The partnership will allow schools using the two solutions to quickly deploy an enterprise-level identity management solution through Identity Automation that addresses the many protection requirements created by today's all-encompassing, multi-device and multi-location academic environments, the company said in a news release, combining improved cybersecurity with improved efficiency.

“The dynamic, ever-changing environment within today's schools mandates the use of a flexible cybersecurity and identity management solution that efficiently empowers and protects educators, staff, and students in all of their daily routines,” said Identity Automation CEO Jim Harold.

Infinite Campus Chief Product Officer Barry Brahier said that working with IA “enables our shared districts to simplify and secure a seamless experience across systems, which will save lots of time for teachers, administrators, students and parents.”

The partnership is made possible by each platform’s compliance with data interoperability standards established by 1EdTech (formerly known as IMS Global), the companies said.

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