Kahoot Educator Survey

Survey Shows Teachers See Play and Choice in Learning Methods As Key to Student Engagement

A recent survey of teachers by Kahoot reveals that educators see playful learning and student choice in learning methods as vital to helping boost student engagement and outcomes, according to a new report from the ed tech company.

Kahoot’s May survey of over 8,000 K–16 educators nationwide found that teachers are still concerned about drops in student engagement during the pandemic, and they consider more student-centered approaches as the path forward.

Seven in 10 educators responding said they “believe that their students are more engaged when lessons involve play,” Kahoot reported, and 68% of respondents said “”their students are more likely to remember what they learn during learning activities they choose themselves.”

Key Findings of the Kahoot Educator Survey

  • 59% of respondents said students are less engaged and motivated in class than before the pandemic.
  • 60% said their students have struggled with feeling a lack of control.
  • 70% said their students are more engaged when they’re able to explore a variety of learning experiences and choose what they’re interested in.
  • 75% said technology “has been an important tool for making learning more active and student-centered, primarily by enabling students to learn through play.”
  • Respondents cited a variety of skills they witness their students develop when classroom engagement increases through playful learning and choosing their activities, including critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration, Kahoot said.

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Kristal Kuykendall is editor, 1105 Media Education Group. She can be reached at [email protected].