Fall 2022 Updates

New Lessons, Reports, Accessibility Features Added to i-Ready Personalized Instruction and Assessment

Curriculum Associates has updated its i-Ready Personalized Instruction and Assessment program with new reports, lessons, accessibility features, and other enhancements designed to help educators support grade-level work, monitor progress, and drive student engagement and motivation, according to a news release.

As the nation’s K–12 schools continue to tackle so-called learning loss from pandemic interruptions to learning, Curriculum Associations added a new dashboard with real-time data on student growth and performance in a single view, to help inform administrators’ planning. “Additionally, administrators now have more robust data with expanded 5-Level Placement reporting, a new Overall Reading Comprehension score on Diagnostic reports, and improved export data,” the company said.

To better support grade-level reading achievement, a new report for grades 3–5 “provides teachers with deep insight into instructional needs and connects them to high-quality instructional materials and teaching strategies,” Curriculum Associates said; another new feature is Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension.

Enhancements on the student side include:

  • New math lessons for grades 3–8 that “provide strategic scaffolds and are specifically designed to motivate older learners”
  • New vocabulary lessons for grades 6–8, focused on teaching vocabulary in the context of reading, provide repeated exposure to words, and prepare students for passages they will see in upcoming reading comprehension lessons
  • A major expansion of Spanish lessons in mathematics and reading allows for better support of Spanish-speaking learners
  • In i-Ready Classroom Mathematics, students can now access two eBooks on their Student Bookshelf to address prerequisite skills or accelerate learning

Accessibility feature additions include:

  • Closed captioning for K–8 lessons
  • New audio descriptions
  • Expanded keyboard navigation meeting WCAG 2.0 AA criteria
  • Screen-reader support for grades 3–8 reading lessons

Learn more about the updates at CurriculumAssociates.com/Programs/Whats-New-i-Ready.

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