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Registration Opens for the Third Year of the KidWind Simulation Challenge

The KidWind Project will partner with Flinn Scientific for the third year in a row to offer K–12 students a chance to compete in the 2023 Simulation Challenge. Contestants will use Flinn Scientific’s WhiteBox Learning STEM to virtually construct and test wind turbines and wind farms. Registration and the competition are open now through March 1, with challenge completion due April 1.

The competition will be in three divisions: grades 4–5, 6–8, and 9–12. Students can participate alone or on a team, with a coach for each individual student or team. The fee is $25 per coach, with each coach able to register up to five students (individuals or teams). Scholarships are also available, and an application can be obtained here. Coaches will receive access codes to the online software for each student, which will be available to them through June 30. Codes will be sent in early January.

System requirements are an internet-connected desktop or laptop computer (tablets not supported), running Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS 10.6.8 or newer, or ChromeOS. Acceptable web browsers are Firefox (Windows or Mac), Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 only). Visit the system requirements page for more specifics.

The top performers will be posted on a weekly leaderboard. Scoring is based on quiz scores, design iterations, and design performance on the turbine and wind farms, and will determine standing in the simulation challenge. At the close of the challenge in April, the top five performing teams or individuals in each division will be recognized and invited to participate in the 2023 National KidWind Challenge.

The KidWind Project, dedicated to renewable energy education, has been working for over 15 years to integrate renewable energy into schools. Since 2004, KidWind has held more than 800 training events for more than 50,000 teachers all over the world. For more information and curricular materials, visit

To view results of the 2022 KidWind Challenge, visit this page.

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