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Beanstack Unveils Revamped Admin Dashboard

Beanstack this week unveiled new features for K–12 administrators, teachers, and librarians to enable them to monitor students’ weekly reading progress, create classroom challenges and more in an effort to “grow a culture of reading” at users’ schools, according to a company blog post.

The revamped administrator dashboard enables educators to “target reading recognition or support for individual students and provide curriculum-aligned reading motivation to your classes,” Beanstack said.

The improvements — developed in cooperation with teachers, librarians, and media specialists at Beanstack’s partner schools and districts — answer educators’ requests for easier ways to identify succeeding and struggling readers; for a tool to create reading challenges to accompany classroom lessons; and for a “more intuitive flow for logging reading and accessing information for their classes,” Beanstack said.

The new school admin dashboard displays, upon login, key reading engagement metrics for the current week; media specialists and administrators can explore statistics for all students and classes at the school while teachers’ dashboards show targeted data for just their students, according to the blog post.

Educators can sort their view to “show the least active readers and classes instead of the most, and then direct intervention efforts toward struggling or reluctant readers,” the company said. The dashboard enables educators to easily identify top readers and classes and further motivate them with positive reinforcement such as rewards or recognition, Beanstack said.

The revamped dashboard also streamlines and simplifies staff actions and site navigation. “Atop the homepage, a Log For My Classes button displays for all teachers and media specialists with rostered classes,” according to the blog post. “With just a few clicks, you can swiftly select and input reading sessions for any of your classes and students. The new dashboard also includes quick and easy access to the most-used administrative sections of school Beanstack sites, including our robust data reporting tools.”

Also overhauled is the student and class information interface, with easier management for whole classes and specific students, Beanstack said.

The ability to create customizable reading challenges has been expanded to all staff users with rostered classes, as well. “Teachers as well as media specialists can now create reading challenges for specific classes to provide curriculum-aligned reading motivation,” Beanstack said. “You can view and reuse fellow teachers’ reading challenges within your school, as well as access our extensive library of reading challenge templates and materials.”

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