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Seesaw Debuts Elementary Computer Science Curriculum

PreK–5 digital learning platform Seesaw has launched standards-aligned elementary computer science curriculum for grades K–5, offering interactive tools for students including audio, photos, video, text, and drawings in lessons that cover a wide range of disciplines and subjects, according to the news release. 

Seesaw noted that its new computer science curriculum was founded on the “essential competencies” of elementary education such as problem-solving, computational thinking, and creative expression. 

“Intuitive multimodal tools at the center of the Seesaw platform build student agency and creation, balance plugged and unplugged activities, and make fundamental computer science concepts accessible and engaging,” the company said. “Most critically, inclusive characters and culturally-responsive pedagogy inspires students to see themselves as computer scientists, and relevant real-life examples encourage students to see computer science all around them … (and) empower every student to engage with computer science concepts in relevant and developmentally-appropriate ways.”

The CS curriculum aligns with state standards while “meeting teachers where they are” — requiring no additional professional development and fitting seamlessly into instructional days, Seesaw said. The CS curriculum is flexible, so lessons can be integrated into the day, or easily added to core instruction, specials rotations, or designated computer science blocks, the company said.

The new curriculum includes over 1,000 activities, which cater to diverse student needs and learning styles. The program’s lessons include (verbatim from Seesaw’s announcement): 

  • Digital Citizenship: Teaching essential skills such as screen time management, cyberbullying prevention, and data safety.

  • Literacy and Coding: Equipping students with the foundational skills to read, analyze, and interpret data, while building essential coding concepts.

  • Computational Thinking: Developing critical problem-solving, critical thinking, and pattern recognition skills.

  • STEAM: Offers cross-curricular exploration, reinforcing thinking skills, and literacy and math skills.

  • Careers in Computer Science: Inspiring students by introducing them to real-life computer science careers through interactive activities.

The new CS lessons are now available on the Seesaw platform. 

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