OpenAI in Instruction Working On ChatGPT-Powered AI Teaching Assistant

Feature Expected to Beta Launch Later This Year

Class Technologies, a provider of virtual learning tools for online instruction, has announced it will soon release a new ChatGPT-powered A.I. Teaching Assistant, dubbed A.I. TA.

A screenshot from shows how the AI Teaching Assistant feature will work for users“For the first time in the history of online learning, the influence of instructors and the curiosity of learners can be scaled by harnessing the power of A.I.,” said the company, which focuses on solutions for online synchronous learning.

Class Technologies said its new A.I. Teaching Assistant, expected to be released in beta later this year, will allow learners to:

  • Ask questions and receive immediate, relevant answers based on what was taught in class.

  • Highlight the transcript of the spoken text and have the A.I. describe the highlighted portion to the student in additional detail.

  • Create a "study guide" during or after the live Class that can supplement notes and materials created by the instructor or learner.

When the Class A.I. Teaching Assistant is released in Beta, Class customers and individual instructors will have the option to turn the tool on or off, the company said. “Class will work closely with the education community to develop best practices and policies for the use of A.I. in the classroom, and Class remains committed to compliance with all applicable data privacy requirements.”

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