Cobalt Iron Upgrades NAS Protection Backup and Recovery Features at No Additional Cost

Data protection company Cobalt Iron has provided, at no cost, new features to its Compass NAS Protector backup platform. The improvements are designed to speed up backups and make NAS data management easier.

The new features are designed to address deficiencies in traditional data backup which make it more costly, the company said.

"Protection of NAS data is typically inefficient and cumbersome, especially for very large NAS systems," said Rob Marett, chief technology officer at Cobalt Iron. "The Compass NAS Protector introduces proprietary NAS scanning and identification processes that optimize NAS data protection.”

The new Compass NAS Protector features provide an optimized approach, which:

  • Speeds up NAS file identification and data backups;

  • Allows flexibility and recovery;

  • Allows policy-based management at the file/subject level;

  • Simplifies and consolidates backup operations with the rest of enterprise data protection;

  • Gives a single data protection solution for traditional NAS filers and cloud NAS services;

  • Uses data reduction techniques, such as incremental forever backups, deduplication, and compression.

New and existing compass users will find Compass NAS Protector automatically available at no additional cost.

View Cobalt Iron’s interactive demo page to learn more about Compass. Cobalt Iron was founded in 2013 and provides data protection for enterprise customers around the world, processing over 8 million jobs a month for customers in 44 countries.

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