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1EdTech's TrustEd Apps Management Suite Tops 10K; New Product Certification Coming

Software interoperability advocates at 1EdTech have unveiled key updates and milestones for its TrustEd Apps Management Suite, including plans for a new TAMS product certification and the growth of TAMS to more than 10,000 ed tech solutions either certified or vetted by 1EdTech, according to a news release.

1EdTech vets products listed on TAMS to guide educators in curating a set of tools that fits the needs of their learners and that will collaborate with their existing tools. 

“TAMS also provides diagnostic tools to help suppliers and institutions monitor and troubleshoot data issues and understand applications' compatibility,” the nonprofit said. 1EdTech “will soon be adding product certification to TAMS so that suppliers can take advantage of everything TAMS offers as part of the product certification process.”

“The vetting and certifications allow educators to see how products will work within their ecosystem, and collaborative elements let them share insights into how effective those products are,” said 1EdTech CEO Rob Abel. “Moving forward, there will be more vetting, certification, and collaboration opportunities as we continue to listen to our members from K–12, higher education, and suppliers to understand what they need from the ecosystem to serve learners.”

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