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Data from 60K Incidents in Spring 2023 Shows Usage Trends for School Incident Reporting

A new School Safety Trends: 2023 Spring Term report from incident response technology provider Centegix illustrates how schools are using the company’s mobile panic button solution on campuses nationwide.

The report analyzed just under 60,000 uses of Centegix CrisisAlert platform during 2023 Spring semester among schools across the United States, the company said.

The data shows that 98% of all alerts were for “everyday emergencies” such as medical and behavioral incidents, and campus-wide lockdowns made up a small percentage of usage, Centegix reported.

Additionally, nearly half of all safety incidents on a school campus occured outside the classroom, the report showed.

Mobile panic button users surveyed for the report “indicated that the wearable badge contributes to their peace of mind and allows them to focus on instruction and student achievement,” Centegix said.

"We've listened to district leaders across the nation — where CrisisAlert was their first incident response solution as well as many that converted from a mobile application — and we've heard three key themes: Wearable technology empowers all staff, wearables create a culture of safety where everyone is participating, and mobile phone applications are not being used," said Centegix CEO Brent Cobb. "When you establish a culture of safety, your staff feels trusted to act when something doesn't look right. They're empowered to resolve situations, whether through additional campus help or 911."

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