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New SmartPass Products Include Free Digital ID Cards for K-12 Students

SmartPass has launched three new options for its SmartPass Hall Pass solution including SmartPass Flex, SmartPass Attendance, and SmartPass ID Cards, with the latter offered free for K–12 schools, according to a news release.

CEO Peter Luba said the new products address requests from schools wanting to use existing SmartPass solutions for other needs. 

“We listened to their feedback and created new products built for specific student movement management tasks,” Luba said. 

More than 1,000 K–12 schools across the United States use SmartPass products to manage hall passes, reduce disruptions, and keep track of where every student is located at any given time, the company said.

The newest solutions include:

  • SmartPass Flex: Built directly into SmartPass, schools can create new schedules for Flex periods that work alongside existing passes and calendars. 

  • SmartPass Attendance: Schools can capture attendance data by setting up a computer or tablet at the classroom entrance where students can sign in as “present” directly in SmartPass. 

  • Free SmartPass ID Cards: The secure, free digital ID cards for students can be scanned for attendance, cafeteria purchases, library books, and more, SmartPass said. Set-up takes “less than five minutes to create, customize, and distribute digital SmartPass ID cards through SmartPass’ secure communication with the school’s student information system,” the company said.

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