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3D Ed Tech Providers Launch School Bundle on Immersive Math, Science Hardware and Software

IQH3D, maker of glasses-free 3D technology, and immersive instructional platform Saras-3D have announced the North American launch of their cutting-edge 3D learning tools for physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics students grades 9–12 — and a new bundle offer for school districts, the companies said in a news release.

Saras-3D’s interactive platform features 3D videos and 3D model learning tools; IQH3D’s SKYY tablet enables 3D immersion with no glasses and was built specifically for the Saras-3D platform, according to its website. Together, they create “a new immersive environment for students to explore, learn, and fully understand complex science and mathematics concepts,” they said.

The bundle offer for U.S. and Canadian K–12 schools includes both the hardware and the software for students: The SKYY tablet, which usually retails for $649, will be discounted to $499 and will include a 1-year subscription to the Saras-3D platform, with access to all 4 subject areas, the companies said. Subscriptions to Saras-3D’s instructional platform for the four subject areas, according to its online store, retail for $249 per student per year, or $799 per classroom per year.

The instructional content will be available in multiple languages, customizable to fit any curriculum, Saras-3D said.

IQH3D said its SKYY tablet was specifically designed to complement the Saras-3D platform; IQH3D said it will provide “comprehensive technical support to both educators and students.”

SKYY tablet features include:

  • Online 3D streaming

  • Sleek 10.8” Android Tablet with revolutionary Glasses-Free 3D optics

  • Highest quality 3D imaging ever produced on a consumer device.

  • Full functionality of a premium 2D tablet with the addition of Glasses-Free 3D viewing.

  • Extreme 3D Pop-Out

  • Dual Sim Card slot for expandable memory, wifi and Cellular compatible

  • 10-Core Processor

  • Stereo Speakers

  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack

  • Dual Camera - Front 5MP Back 13MP w/ Flash

  • USB Interface TYPE-C

  • 7,000mAh Battery

  • GPS

Full specs available at

School administrators, educators, and parents can email [email protected] for more information or to schedule a demo, the companies said.

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