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Kyron Learning Releases Gen AI Tutoring and Lesson Creation Beta

Kyron Learning has launched a beta version of Kyron Studio, a generative AI tutoring and lesson creation platform for instructors and learners. The platform allows instructors to customize and edit lessons based on the learner's dialogue with the AI.

The company said its AI platform addresses the costly and time-consuming challenges of curriculum development, teacher/student interaction, and student assessment.

Lessons can be created aligned with any subject, and then customized by using a "wizard that intelligently breaks down any topic and learning objective into multiple sections, and then produces instructional content and dialogue-based knowledge checks for each," according to a release.

Choosing the "pedagogical approach and guardrails the AI will use to deliver the lesson to the learner," the company said, the instructor can create videos or add images to customize content. AI-generated lessons can then be modified or replaced at the instructor's discretion.

Based on learners' conversations with the AI as they work through the lesson in a tutor-like environment, their progress and subject comprehension are reported back to the instructor to determine what assistance is needed, if any.

"The Kyron Studio beta puts the power of AI-assisted instructional content creation in the hands of our teachers," said April Goble, KIPP Chicago Schools executive director. "The fact that the teacher is able to review and edit how the AI interacts with our students is important, and it helps teachers feel more confident about using AI in the classroom."

Benefits of the platform include:

  • Learner interest — keeps students engaged longer;
  • Cost-effectiveness — costs one tenth of what it would cost to engage human tutors;
  • Instructor-guided AI — promotes using the AI safely and correctly;
  • Tailored learning — generates conversations geared to specific learners;
  • On-the-spot feedback — corrects learner misperceptions instantly;
  • Dialogue-based assessments — reports learner progress to the instructor; and
  • Constant availability — provides on-demand learning online anytime.

Kyron Studio platform can be used at any level: K–12, tutoring, higher education, and professional training.

Visit this page to try a free lesson.

To join the beta testing of Kyron Studio, fill out and submit a form here.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.