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Brainly Releases AI-Powered Test Prep Service

AI education solutions provider Brainly recently announced a new service called Test Prep, designed to create personalized study experiences to boost both test scores and student confidence, a news release reports. Test Prep offers customized daily tasks that adjust to the student’s class schedule, removing the stress of study planning and time management. The service comes on both Brainly’s mobile web and desktop platforms and is available for middle-school, high-school, and college courses.

“In terms of building good habits, routine is key,” said Leticia Barr, Parenting and Education Expert at Brainly. “What makes Test Prep unique is that it creates a study timeline personalized for each student – they no longer have to worry about how to study and can instead focus on the material they are being tested on.”

Students can upload study materials like notes, questions, textbook passages, homework, and study guides and receive a customized study plan with AI-generated practice questions. The auto-generated questions and explanations allow students to spend more time learning the material itself and less on figuring out how to study.

“Test Prep goes beyond traditional test preparation to create a personalized study experience for every Learner,” said Brainly CTO and COO Bill Salak. “It harnesses generative AI to help students become more efficient and organized in their study practice, so that they approach their exams with confidence and ease, reducing their anxiety when taking in-class tests and state assessments. By optimizing their study routines, Learners can also optimize their academic success.”

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