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Dream On: Visionary Educators and Their Big Ideas

It takes more than a vision to be called a visionary. You also need the organization, determination, and spirit to see it through. We spotlight four educators whose innovative work with technology has earned them the designation.

By John K. Waters


3D Content

3D Content

Wow! 3D Content Awakens the Classroom

Three-dimensional classroom materials are thrilling both students and teachers with their stirring visuals and powerful impact on comprehension and test scores.

By Dan Gordon

T.H.E. Focus

Music Technology

How Music Teachers Got Their Groove Back: Music Instruction Goes Digital

Faced with meager enrollment in band, orchestra, and choir programs, schools are using digital technology to excite students about creating music on today’s terms

By Jennifer Demski


Green Tech

A Pathway to Paperless: The Promise of Print Management Software

They’re not there yet, but print management software has helped administrators make deep cuts in faculty and student paper use, trimming costs while protecting the environment.

By Judy Artunian

Our Space

Instant Web Access? 'Fancy' That

By Geoffrey H. Fletcher


Where's the Money? Four Places to Find Tech Funding

The Obama administration has moved things around, but tech funding options still abound—if you know where to look.

By Susan McLester