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T.H.E. News UpdateT.H.E. News Update is a weekly newsletter covering the latest in technology trends, tools, and usage for K-12 instruction and administration. Opinion pieces by leading technology experts and visionaries provide insight on a variety of critical issues. News, announcements, and need-to-know statistics give readers a quick look at timely news and events affecting the education community. Published weekly.

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Virginia District Explores MinecraftEDU as Learning Platform (06/14/16)

Game Therapy Helps Children with Sensory Problems (06/09/16)

National Survey Reveals Students Want Hands-On, Real-World STEM Education (06/08/16)

Nevada Completes Common Core Computer Testing after Meltdown Last Year (06/07/16)

Report: Where's the 'Computer Science' in STEM? (06/02/16)

White House Taps Technology to ‘Hack’ Challenges Facing Foster Care Youth (06/01/16)

High School Teachers Learning How To Add Genetics and Genomes to the Classroom (05/31/16)

Guide to Student Data Privacy Now Available to Teachers (05/26/16)

California DOE Pushes Forward on ESSA-Based Improvement System (05/25/16)

Report Offers State Policy Examples for Personalized Learning (05/24/16)

Robotic Telepresence Device Allows Student to Attend School Virtually While Receiving Treatment (05/19/16)

Researchers: Forget Internet Abstinence; Teens Need some Online Risk (05/18/16)

Oculus Launches Virtual Reality Program in High Schools (05/17/16)

New Vision Puts Career Technical Education at the Front of Educational Reform (05/12/16)

Ed Tech Implementation Leaves Room for Improvement (05/11/16)

A Tech Blueprint for Student-Centric Learning (05/10/16)

Overtesting: Parents, Teachers, Students Split (05/05/16)

Campus Safety: Crime and Bullying Plummet as Incarcerations of Youth Drop in Half (05/04/16)

Report: Parents Overestimate Children's Academic Achievement, Need Tools To Guide their Education (05/03/16)

Final Round of i3 Development Grants Seeks Alternatives to Exclusionary Discipline (04/28/16)

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