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Way Beyond Virtual Field Trips: The Surprising & Incredible Ways Educators Are Using ClassVR Virtual Reality in Schools


Join us as we dig in to the “endless” ways ClassVR virtual reality headsets are helping educators get students excited about learning — and some incredible and surprising benefits of using ClassVR in schools, particularly for special education students, students with autism, and those with limited mobility.

Guests are digital learning specialist Charley Suter from Spaulding Academy & Family Services, a small, nonprofit special-education school in Northfield, New Hampshire, and Michael “GoogleMan” Jaber, instructional technology coordinator at Sheboygan Area School District in Wisconsin.

Jaber and Suter explain their vetting process and why they settled on ClassVR headsets, the training and set-up required for teachers to start using them in classrooms, how easy it is for educators to create custom content, and the endless possibilities for using ClassVR headsets to boost learning outcomes, particularly among special-needs students.

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Duration: 34 minutes

Duration: 34 min

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