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  • Editor’s Note: How Technology Is Changing Every Educator’s Job
  • Tech Update: New projectors and more
  • Innovator: Darryl Adams, Superintendent, Coachella Valley Unified School District (CA); and Susan Gauthier, Director of Library Services, East Baton Rouge Parish Schools (LA)

June/Julyv2015 | vol. 46 no. 8

6 Ways Videoconferencing is Expanding the Classroom
When students have instant access to international collaborators, virtual field trips and courses in other districts, learning can happen anywhere in the world.
3 Key Trends in AV Technology for Schools
With active learning environments on the rise, new systems must support collaboration in the classroom and on the Web.
Using Images to Keep Your Class Focused
According to our expert, smart deployment of pictures and videos in class engages students by tapping into the brain’s "delight in making connections."
How Do We Make School Network Infrastructure Affordable? Together!
As districts adopt 1-to-1 or BYOD, they need to adapt new ways of financing and maintaining their networks.
4 Features to Look for in a 21st Century LMS
Two districts share their experiences of choosing a learning management system that does a lot more than help teachers post assignments.
Turning Students Into Senators
Using special tablets in a simulated Senate chamber built in Boston, classes can learn not just the facts of government, but how it feels to negotiate and make big decisions.
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