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K-12 Cybersecurity: Shifting priority into action

As IT leaders plan for the start of a new school year, technology will play an increased role in learning. Join K-12 IT leaders to discuss strategies for ensuring cybersecurity and student safety in a rapidly changing learning environment.

Date: 07/30/20

Time: 12:00PM PT

THE Journal Distance Learning Summit

Four months after schools began shutting down nationwide, educators now face a new challenge: planning for the fall amid the uncertainty of partial school openings and potential continued or renewed shutdowns. What have we learned from this spring's short-term responses, and how can they lead to more effective, longer-term solutions amid all of this uncertainty? Over the course of three one-hour sessions, including three audience Q&A periods, our expert educators and technology pros offer guidance for the coming semester for America's K–12 schools.

Date: 08/13/20

Time: 9:00 AM PT

Back to School Prep: Tools & Best Practices for Returning Online if the COVID-19 Pandemic Demands It

For many schools, preparations are underway for returning to school in person following summer vacation. However, what happens if the COVID-19 pandemic demands that schools shift back online at some point during the school year? It is imperative that brick and mortar schools prepare now for what could potentially happen once learning has already commenced in the physical classroom. We offer insights around the tools and best practices that teachers and school leaders can leverage should the pandemic require them to return to a fully online learning environment.

Date: 08/13/20

Time: 9:00 AM PT

Get Ready for Your Return to School: 15 Ideas in 40 Minutes

Educators have already learned plenty from their spring-time experiences about remote learning. In this fast-paced session, a panel of teachers and technologists will share what they've learned about remote instruction and the use of technology and how they expect to do it better in the fall.

Date: 08/13/20

Time: 10:15 AM PT

Making Learning Active and Engaging, Whether Face-To-Face or Remote ... or Somewhere in Between

This session will focus on using technology to address how teachers can actively engage all learners in class discussion, whether face-to-face or remote; how teachers can give all students (including the introverts and those who need time to process) the opportunity to share their voice; and how teachers can foster a peer-to-peer learning culture and encourage students to see mistakes as part of the learning process.

Date: 08/13/20

Time: 11:30 AM PT

On Demand

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Remote Learning

Distance learning and e-learning aren’t about recreating what goes on inside the physical classroom. This session, presented by an expert in blended and online learning, will reveal the pitfalls educators and institutions need to avoid; spotlight best practices in distance learning; and provide discussion for meeting the needs of disadvantaged students.